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Jana - Janardhana Reddy.  

I am Founder of Anahata Vruksh Foundation a complete MIND, Body, SOUL holistic centre offering Healing, Training, Therapy and Facilitation of different Alternative Therapies. 


Clairvoyant psychic reader, 
Family Constellation Therapist & Facilitator from Family Constellation Institute USA
Shamanic Practitioner from Foundation from Shamanic Studies USA
Certified Therapist and Training Provider from International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine , United Kingdom , 
NLP Master Practitioner from NFNLP USA, 
Clinical Hypnotherapist from EKAA Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation, 
Access Bars Facilitator from Access Consciousness USA , 
Hypnobirthing Educator from Mongan Institute USA ,
Reiki Master from ICRT USA , 
Tarot Card Reader, 
Redikall Healing Practitioner from Omnipresence Academy, 
Theta Healing Practitioner, 
PGTRT from Tasso Institute , Netherlands.
EKAA Clinical Hypnotherapy Level 1 trainer, Pysch-K Practitioner from PSYCH-K Centre International USA,
Sound Healing Practitioner,
Auto Writer, 
Intuitive Reader, 
Numerology practitioner, 
Member of Tokyo Meditation society


I use various healing/therapeutic tools to bring in Transformation in the Clients space by offering the complete healing/Therapy and Coaching packages  be it is physical ailments, emotional issues or for spiritual growth.

I  specialise in working with sound healing for emotional, physical healing. I integrate Bio -Well scanning to quantify the results for greater understanding of diseases and issues.

Before getting into the journey of consciousness I was an Entreprenuer running multiple businesses across south India. 
Academic  qualifications 

I am  currently pursuing a  Doctorate in Metaphysics from University of Sedona. 
I did my schooling from St. Joseph’s, later did my higher education with Vijaya College and completed my Master in Commerce.
I was active during school days by participating in Kannada literary activities, managing Kannada library, acting in social dramas.
Was scouts member and participated in various jamborees.
Member of Rotaract club during school days.
Fund raising for various social causes.
College days mainly on acting in dance - dramas.

Sound Healing specialises in helping people with chronic pain from conditions like Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis, Backaches, Headaches, Injuries and other conditions to live pain free.
Through the use of sound vibration, frequencies, and healing music, Sound Healing works to help individuals in many ways, including the symptoms and
benefits of :



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